RecipesFresh Watermelon Fruit Ice Pops Recipe

Fresh Watermelon Fruit Ice Pops Recipe

This delicious fresh watermelon fruit ice pops recipe is so simple to make and is finger licking good.

It’s almost summer time, and of course, it’s the season for tasty desserts and ice cream. One of the tastiest desserts you can make with ease this summer is the watermelon popsicles.

Fresh Watermelon Fruit Ice Pops Recipe

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Watermelon popsicles are slices of watermelon cut into triangular shapes. They are typically attached to a wooden stick and rock frozen. They are portable, sweet, hydrating and super affordable.

Watermelons also have huge health benefits, contain potassium, antioxidants, magnesium and vitamin A and C. They can be enjoyed at the BBQ spot, or the poolside anytime you need a cool treat.

So, this summer, why don’t you give it a shot by making popsicles for a change for yourself, kids or when you have any and friends. There are so many flavors you can make with watermelon. There’s the salty flavor, non-salt, sugar, non-sugar, coconut milk, etc. The combinations are endless.


1 Seedless Watermelon- ripe

Powdered or superfine sugar

Sea salt

Fresh Watermelon Fruit Ice Pops Recipe
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Popsicle molds or mini paper cups

Craft or popsicle sticks


Hand mixer

You can easily make different flavors at a time since most watermelons are big enough. They can be shared with friends and hungry neighbors.

We hope you have the best of time this summer as you try to make your delicious watermelon pops. And remember to take a little extra effort and patients with the layers because they are so worth it. Below are the very best recipes for watermelon pops.

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