PetsFrozen Ice Cream Dog Treats

Frozen Ice Cream Dog Treats

Summer is heating up in most places and if you have a dog you , might want to make them some frozen ice cream treats to help them cool off when it gets really hot. I always sort of feel sorry for dogs and cats in the summer time. I mean can you imagine wearing a fur coat when it gets up in the ninety’s?

Frozen Ice Cream Dog Treats

I would absolutely melt. These treats will cool them down for a little while when it is hot and they are made from all yummy ingredients so they might even taste good to us.

They have yogurt, bananas, honey and peanut butter so they actually sound kind of good for humans as well as dogs. Gone To The Snow Dogs shows how to make them in this video and her dogs sure did seem to enjoy them. I like that they have the banana in them because this would keep them from being rock hard, I wouldn’t want any dog teeth to suffer from eating rock hard ice cream.

The whole mix is made in the blender then poured into silicone molds and popped into the freezer to freeze. So it is an easy treat to make and your pet will love you when you give him a delicious frozen treat on a hot sweltery day.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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