PetsFrozen Treats For Your Dog

Frozen Treats For Your Dog

Summer is here and wow is it hot. We are not the only ones feeling the heat. Imagine your dog with his fur coat, I would imagine they are feeling this summer heat too. With this recipe you can make them some frozen treats to help them cool off. Just like people like a popsicle in the summer time you pooch will like this frozen treats too.

Frozen Treats For Your Dog

Made with broth so it tastes good to them and on a rawhide stick so they can chew it later. Your dog is sure to enjoy all of this icy cold treat. The recipe is from Lucky Pups Pet Supplies and is super easy to make. It is made from chicken or beef broth and since you make it at home you know there is nothing in there that will hurt your pet. There are also recipes for peanut butter banana freezies and bite size doggie ice cream treats.

So make some of these treats to have in the freezer and when the temperatures soar you will have them handy to cool your pet down. These would be nice for when you are cooking out or all the people are in the pool. The dog could enjoy a cold treat outdoors and there would be no mess to clean up inside.


low salt beef or chicken broth


ice cube trays

Small rawhide sticks

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Click here to read about how to make Frozen Treats For Your Dog recipe:

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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