GardeningFrugal Gardening Propagation of Onions and Potatoes

Frugal Gardening Propagation of Onions and Potatoes

Learn the method of frugal gardening propagation of onions and potatoes from leftover vegetable scraps.

For the homesteader, basic skills are a must. What better way to begin learning self-sufficiency than in the garden, or perhaps more specifically, in the kitchen.

Frugal Gardening Propagation of Onions and Potatoes

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You probably already have the beginning of the making of a gorgeous garden right at your fingertips. You just need to learn the basics of taking what you already have and creating more from it.

If you could take the food you have and make a garden out of it that will feed your family for an extended period of time, wouldn’t you want to do that? Of course you would. By working with the process described in this article, you can take some of the hard-earned produce in your kitchen and extend its use considerably.

Frugal Gardening Propagation of Onions and Potatoes
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In the long run this process could have the potential of saving you hundreds of dollars throughout the year. This article shows you the amazing abilities of reproducing and increasing your yields of produce in the areas of potatoes and onions. It is obvious from what she is teaching you in this article that the possibilities are many and are not restricted to only one of two types of vegetables.

Not only learning the ‘how-to’ of a self-sufficient homesteading skill is important, but the reasoning behind it is as well. It is so important to understand the physics, or in this case the biological processes involved in the skill you are mastering. This article describes the why behind the skill with easy to understand concepts while showing you the how at the same time.

Click here to read about learning the method of frugal gardening propagation of onions and potatoes:

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Melissa Francis
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