HomesteadingFrugal Living Mind Set From the Great Depression

Frugal Living Mind Set From the Great Depression

The Great Depression was one of the darkest times in the history of the US, everyone was forced to figure out how to survive with little money and scarce resources. There thousands and thousands of stories being told of how families were able to make things stretch in order to feed the family. This article was designed to introduce the reader to some tips on how to make things stretch based the things people used during the Great Depression.

Frugal Living Mind Set From the Great Depression

This article is from Letters from Sunnybrook. The author has plenty of experience with frugal living and shares as much as she can with others who think like she does. This timeless information can easily be adapted to the way things are going in our time.

Benefits of reading the Frugal Living Mind Set From the Great Depression

Discover several unique things about the Great Depression and how people were able to survive it.
The author includes a little bit of family family experiences of life during the Great Depression.
Each of the tips mentioned inside the article were explained and includes some examples.
All of the information is presented in way that makes it really easy to read to understand.


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