RecipesFruit Jello Cups 4th of July Celebration Recipe

Fruit Jello Cups 4th of July Celebration Recipe

This fruit jello cups 4th of July celebration recipe will be a great addition to your bbq, picnic or family get together menu. Making desserts in 4th of July is a common tradition and one that is important.

Fruit Jello Cups 4th of July Celebration Recipe

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In fact if it is not celebrated, that means it is unimportant, right? Of course. And tradition add some sort of rhythm to our lives and also texture. It brings us closer to others with whom we share it with. And we look forward to it because of its significance and the happiness that it bring. A sense of pride is not left out.

More so, If independence day is not important, what day is? So usually, where there is celebration, there is dessert. So making or having a dessert—such as fruits and jello—made is a great idea and a good way to commemorate the season.


Strawberry Jello

Berry Blue Jello


Cool whip


Strawberries, chopped

And, if we are going with the option of making it ourselves, here is how to get it made. It is really a simple recipe by the way.

Add 1 cup of hot water to a packet of Jello in a bowl. It has to be hot water because we want it to mix properly. And then add another cup of cold water to it after stirring it. And you put it in a refrigerator after dividing it into cups. Voila!

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