RecipesFunny Prank Fake Boiled Eggs Cupcake Recipe

Funny Prank Fake Boiled Eggs Cupcake Recipe

This Funny Prank Fake Boiled Eggs Cupcake Recipe is not only a harmless joke but it is also amazingly delicious.

Funny Prank Fake Boiled Eggs Cupcake Recipe

This recipe is simple to prepare, and could be served to look like boiled eggs when looking for a delicious breakfast prank. The ingredients you would need for this recipe are eggs, refined flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar powder, orange, milk and oil.

To begin the preparation, the eggs are carefully poked at their top to create a small hole, then the contents of the eggs are poured out and the shells are rinsed, then they are immersed in salty water for 30 minutes, then rinsed again before being placed upside down on a paper towel to dry. The next step is to prepare the batter. A mixture of flour, baking powder and salt is prepared, the egg yolks are then mixed together with the sugar, oil and orange juice then baked in a microwave. The result is crushed and more juice is added to it before it is molded into balls. Then another mixture of the egg whites, sugar, oil and milk is made.

Once completed, aluminum foils would be placed into cupcake molds on a tray, then the egg shells placed into the foils to keep them stable and upright. The eggs are then filled with a portion of batter, then the yolk mixture is added next, after which it is filled again with another portion of batter – just enough to produce a complete cake egg shape.

Funny Prank Fake Boiled Eggs Cupcake Recipe

The eggs are then put in a preheated microwave, and left for a few minutes – after which they can be cracked and eaten once they are cool enough.

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