CompostingGarbage Can Rolling Compost Tumbler DIY Project

Garbage Can Rolling Compost Tumbler DIY Project

This garbage can rolling composter tumbler diy project is just what a frugal homestead gardener needs to make gardening soil gold.

Garbage Can Rolling Compost Tumbler DIY Project

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To make your very own Compost Tumbler you will need a metal or plastic garbage can with a tight-fitting lid; two elastic tie-downs; a drill or a hammer & a large nail; ¼” to ½” sized drill bit and duct tape.

The first step is to take the drill or hammer and make about 20 evenly spaced holes in the bottom, top, and sides of the garbage can. The garbage can should then be positioned upward and filled with the ingredients in alternative layers. After the material is added, the lid should then be placed on the can and then the bungee cords should be then placed over the top of the lid and secured underneath the handles of the can.

Once the lid is secure, you can now enjoy the best part of making this compost tumbler is laying the tumbler on its side and rolling it around. You should make sure that the compost makes at least three complete revolutions. This process must be repeated daily for two weeks straight, the can will heat up during the revolution time you should open it and use the hand-squeeze test to determine the moisture levels. The last stage is to allow for the curing of the compost which can either be inside the garbage can or in a pile on the outside. The compost should then be allowed sit for two weeks before usage.

Depending on your planned usage for the compost, a compost sifter may be advisable to remove any larger clumps of material left behind. The larger pieces can then be used in the next batch of compost.

Materials Needed:

Cylindrical metal or plastic garbage can*, including a tight-fitting lid

2 elastic tie-downs (bungee cord) – the same length as the can’s diameter

Drill or hammer and large nail

1/4″ to 1/2″ sized drill bit

Duct tape (optional)

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Melissa Francis
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