GardeningGarden Trellis Supports for Strong Plants DIY Project

Garden Trellis Supports for Strong Plants DIY Project

This tutorial of garden trellis supports for strong plants is an simple and just beautiful do it yourself project for your homestead garden.

Garden Trellis Supports for Strong Plants DIY Project

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The first thing that you should learn about is how to create a garden that is going to offer you strong and healthy plants so they will have a better chance of surviving. This also allows for plants that can climb to have more space to grow upwards, saving you space in your garden to grow more crops. Supports also help fruits get higher so they can get optimal sunlight for growth. Other benefits to using crop supports include adding aesthetic appeal to your garden, making it easier for you to harvest the crops, and encourage dry leaves and circulation so that pests and disease will stay away from your plants. You could buy these supports at a store, but you will pay a great deal of money for them.

Instead, you should consider a DIY project, making these supports yourself. You can make these crop supports out of stakes, concrete reinforcement mesh, rebar, string, zip ties, basic wood, and nylon trellis netting. These are only a few of your options. You can use YouTube to help you find out how to create these supports on your budget and based on the plants you need them for.


12 – 2″x2″x8′ #1 treated lumber

19 – 1″x2″x8′ #1 treated boards

2 rolls welded wire (1″-square grid), 24’x15′, #52247

3 boxes 1-1/4″ Grip-Rite tan deck/patio screws

6-ounce Minwax stainable wood filler, #164701

Wood glue

3/8″ stainless-steel staples, 100 count

Olympic Elite tintable solid exterior stain, 1 gallon, Dark Bark


Miter saw, handsaw, or circular saw

Tape measure

Carpenter’s square

Metal snips

Drill and bit set

Staple gun

Work gloves

Now that you know how to optimize your garden using supports, it is time to find out how to harvest the water so that you can save on your water bill (and of course, save the environment).

One of the easiest and cheapest systems that you can use is one that will harvest rainwater. You can set up a system that will route rainwater from your roof into barrels, collecting the most amount of rainwater that you can. The problem is that this is something that will only really work if you live in a place that does get a lot of rain. Another option that you can consider is building a well, something that can be a bit on the expensive side but can be worthwhile if you can afford to do this. One of the biggest issues with this option is that you may never find water while you are digging for it, meaning that you waste a ton of money digging for a well without getting any water.

Collecting this water naturally will give you an inexpensive way to water your garden, especially with most areas seeing an increase in their water bills.

The truly green garden is a great option for people who want to live off the grid or just for those eco-friendly homeowners that want to do their part in saving the environment.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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