Food Storage & SkillsGardening and Preserving in Great Britain During WW1

Gardening and Preserving in Great Britain During WW1

Gardening and Preserving in Great Britain During WW1 – Food Storage – Homesteading

Take a look at this video to see how women did the gardening and preserving in Great Britain during WW1.

It is interesting to see how they smoked apple slices before dehydrating and preserved fresh eggs to keep so they could use them during the winter. They also show how some of the women would be billeted with folks in the country so they could work on the farms to help keep food production going.

I found this video very interesting and I think folks should see it simply in case we ever need to know these things. It is a long one so bookmark it and watch when you have the time.Times were very tough during the war, especially in places in Europe like Great Britain in particular.

In order to ensure that there was enough food to support the war effort, the British government turned to the local farmers to devote up to 75% of their fields to be used to produce specific types of vegetables.

The video was designed to introduce the viewer to what it was like to farm in Great Britain back during WWII. This interesting video is from Tracey Northernstar.

Gardening and Preserving in Great Britain During WW1

Most people would agree that living through WWII anywhere in Europe was not the best of times, but this video is a testament to what the farmers were made of back then and how they were able to sacrifice for the cause in hopes to help their fellow man to get through the tough times that were to be ahead of them.

Benefits of watching the video Gardening 101: Gardening and Preserving in Great Britain During WW1

Learn something about farming back during WWII-era Europe and how they were able to survive the dark time.

The video depicts how life was for many farmers in Great Britain just after the war was declared between Germany and Great Britain.
The video is the perfect medium to use to tell the story so that viewer can understand what the creator was trying to convey.


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