GardeningGardening In Drought Water Saving Tips

Gardening In Drought Water Saving Tips

If you are trying to garden and your area is in a drought here are a few tips that may help your garden while conserving water. For tomatoes you can poke holes in the bottom of an empty milk jug and dig a hole next to the tomato plant, put the jug down in the hole and then fill from the top with water. Leave the cap off. This will provide your tomato plant or two if you put the jug in between two tomato plants with a gallon of water that will make its  roots grow deep to get.

This helps the plant because if the roots are deep there is more chance of there being some moisture the deeper they go. It also prevent any water loss through evaporation as the water is all under ground and not on the surface. You can use 2 liter pop bottles for other plants the same way. I like the gallon jug for tomatoes because they seem to need more water. natural News shares a few more tips and techniques to help you garden while conserving water.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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