GardeningGardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants

Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants

This article “Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants” is very knowledgeable when it comes to gardening and it came up with a great list of plants that are both lower maintenance, but at the same time are really colorful.

Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants - Flowers - Shrubs - Bulbs

This article was designed to introduce the reader to some low-maintenance outdoor plants that will add plenty of eye-popping colors.

With the real estate market the way it is all over the country, it may be necessary for you to add curb appeal – if you are looking to increase the value of your home.

Black Dragon Coleus

Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants - Black Dragon Coleus - Ground cover

‘Black Dragon’, an unusually richly-textured, warmly-colored foliage plant. Compact, very showy, and easy to grow, it’s a must-have for anyone with a patch of shade (or empty flowerpot!) to call their own! The leaves are spectacular, both for their red-to-midnight-purple color shading and their rippling edges, which give the plant much more presence than most Coleus. The leaves will turn color and begin to pucker at a very early age, making this one of the most fun seeds to start indoors.

Available on Amazon: Park Seed Black Dragon Coleus Seeds. 




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Hostas

Hostas are the “queen” of the shade garden. Primarily grown for their foliage, hostas comes in hundreds of different varieties from light green to blue leaves. Plants tolerant full sun to deep shade.

Available on Amazon: 100 pcs/bag hosta plants, hosta seeds, bonsai flower seeds DIY for home garden plant pot perennial herb a kind of Coleus seeds.




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Meadow Sage

SALVIA MEADOW SAGE “MAY NIGHT” One of the signature plants for late spring and early summer, ‘May Night’ puts on an amazing show with tall, colorful, indigo-blue flower spikes from early June through mid-July. Group this plant in the front or middle of any sunny perennial bed and marvel at the powerful show its massed bloom will put on.

Available on Amazon: Salvia nemerosa ‘May Night’ (Meadow Sage) Perennial, purple flowers. 




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Catmint

Catmint produces clusters of blue flowers from April thru October. It grows tall and is a vigorous grower, so give it room to spread. It is drought tolerant once established. Plant in sun to part shade, and it will attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

Available on Amazon: Catmint Walkers Low   Nepeta faassenii ‘Walkers Low’  Landscape Ready 1 Gallon Container. 




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants FORSYTHIA

This variety is a rather tall growing deciduous forsythia bush that grows stiffly upright. It can grow up to 10 feet tall and wide. Lynwood Golds make excellent border shrubs planted 3-5ft apart, growing into a dense natural hedge. Forsythia tends to grow very fast and prefer full sun. The flowers are rather big and have a bright, shiny, yellow, color and bloom from March to April all along the stems before the foliage starts growing. The foliage has a nice mid-green to dark-green color and turns to a lovely yellow to orange, red, violet in autumn!

Available on Amazon: Lynwood Gold Forsythia – Live Plants Shipped Over 2 Feet Tall. 




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Creeping Phlox

Antique look. Cherry Caramel’s long stems make it highly desirable as a cut flower or border plant. Also known as annual phlox. Ht. 16-20″.

Available on Amazon: David’s Garden Seeds Flower Phlox Cherry Caramel SL1928 (Multi) 100 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds. 



Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants INDIAN HAWTHORN

A compact, mounded shrub with large, dark green, highly disease-resistant foliage that changes to a dramatic, burgundy-red in cold weather. Clusters of pink buds open to pale pink flowers which fade to white, followed by small blue-black fruit. Evergreen.

Available on Amazon: Indian Hawthorn Alba Qty 20 Live Plants Evergreen Shrub. 




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Autumn Joy Sedum

‘Autumn Joy’ starts, about 3-5 inches. Also called: Stonecrop. This plant is as dependable and adaptable as they come. Its flowers bloom from August into November; they open pink and mature to a copper befitting of autumn. It is 2 feet tall and wide, with succulent stems and leaves. ‘Autumn Joy’ looks great with ornamental grasses. Attracts butterflies. Care: Sedum prefers moderately fertile, moist soil in full sun, but can take it drier. ‘Autumn Joy’ can be tip pruned at 6 to 8 inches to shorten the plant, but this will also delay flowering.

Available on Amazon: ———- Autumn Joy Sedum, Stonecrop, Drought Resistant, Ornamental. 




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Dusty Miller Silverdust

This annual is grown for its attractive silvery-gray foliage and mounding form. Dusty Miller ‘Silverdust’ has lacy, lobed and deeply cut, silvery gray leaves and grows 8 – 12 inches tall and wide. Can overwinter and act like a perennial in warmer areas, or if mulched heavily. Flowers are mustard-yellow which bloom the second year when planted from flower seed. Shear or pinch back plants if they become leggy. Tolerant of many soils , prefers full sun and well-drained site. Excellent contrast between brightly colored bedding plants. Often used as an edging or border plant.

Available on Amazon: ———- Outsidepride Cineraria Dusty Miller Silverdust – 5000 Seeds.




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants GOLD THREAD CYPRESS

Evergreen fully grown 4 ft tall 4 ft wide Easy maintenance golden yellow foliage Outdoor-full sun hardy in zones 4-8 Dwarf, with thread-like golden yellow foliage-gives a splash of yellowish color provides excellent contrast great for bonsai, very interesting evergreen-

Available on Amazon: ———- (1 Gallon) KINGS GOLD MOP CYPRESS. 




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Lambs Ear

Lamb’s Ear, Wooly Hedgenettle Woolly gray foliage plant for edging, and groundcover. Adds contrast in the border. Usually, evergreen, with silver-gray leaves, and small, deep rose flowers in the summer.

Available on Amazon: ———-Lambs Ear Plant Seeds – 1000 Seeds – Decorative, Ornamental Ground Cover Seeds – Perennial. 




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny from Proven Selections has shiny gold and green foliage that brightens any garden. This award-winner resists deer and is a fall interest. It’s trailing habit makes it a great perennial for hanging baskets, containers and window boxes.

Available on Amazon: ———- Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia) Live Plant, Gold-Green Foliage, 4.5 in. Quart. 




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Knockout Roses

These roses produce red double blooms that resemble classic roses from spring to fall. These roses perform best when planted in full sun to part shade in well-drained garden soil.
Once established these roses are generally low maintenance but will require some seasonal pruning and watering in dry spells.

Available on Amazon: ———- Red Double Knock Out Rose, Bush, Fragrant, Red Flowers, 1 Gallon. 



Black-Eyed Susan

Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Black Eyed Susans

Rudbeckia or Black-eyed Susan is a must for the summer garden. It blooms from July to September, is deer and rabbit resistant and attracts butterflies. Plant in full sun, and be sure to remove spent blooms for more flowering.

Available on Amazon: ———- Black Eyed Susan Seeds – Extra Large Packet – Over 100,000 Open Pollinated Non-GMO Wildflower Seeds. 




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Coreopsis

A steady and colorful wildflower that is a long-time favorite of meadow gardeners. Legendary for being hardy and very easy to grow and attracts bees.
Germination rate about 70% or better. Plains Coreopsis (also known as “Calliopsis”) is a tremendously resilient wildflower that can grow in just about any region and most soil conditions. A very generous bloomer, it is a staple of virtually any meadow garden.

Available on Amazon: ———- Coreopsis Plains Seeds Flower 500 Non-GMO, Open Pollinated Seeds. 




 Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Ferns

Ferns are perfect for the shade garden. Lots of different varieties, growing short to tall. Great for texture.

Available on Amazon: ———- Woodland Christmas Fern-Set of 3 Roots Flowering-Plants.



Perennial Geranium

Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Geranium

Geraniums deliver abundant spring and summer flowers in a variety of colors. Popular categories in containers or garden beds. Growing geraniums from seeds rather than cuttings often produce hardy plants that generate bright flowers and hardy foliage. They are easy to grow and are ideal for beginners and advanced gardeners. Those who wish to decorate their homes or open garden spaces with geraniums grown seeds can consider some useful tips for caring for a healthy plant.

Available on Amazon: ———- Rare ‘Night Blue’ Geranium Seeds Appleblossom Rosebud Pelargonium Perennial Garden Flower Seeds Potted Plant.




Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Sedum

Upright, flowering sedums are perfect for late summer and fall gardens. Sedum is drought-resistant and requires very little care. The bold foliage, strong stalks, and large flower heads are stunning, especially if planted in a group.

Available on Amazon: ———- Sedum Summer Glory Ground Cover Plant Seed – 1000 Seeds. 



Canna Lily

Gardening Low Maintenance Great Bursts Of Color Plants Canna Lily

To grow, place the bulb in the ground after the threat of frost has passed, then water, cover with mulch, and wait for it to sprout. Once the tropical beauty blooms, you’ll need to keep it moist, although if you forget to water, the surprisingly drought-tolerant plant can survive a skipped water session. Available on Amazon; $13.50 for three bulbs.

Available on Amazon: ———- Mixed Tall Canna Lily Value Bag – 6 Bulbs/pkg – Assorted Canna Lilies Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange. 


One of the best ways to increase curb appeal is to make the outside of your homesteading house is to add a pop of color and textures.

Here are details of why this selection was recommended…. each to plants on the list.

All of the information that is included is presented in a way that makes it really easy to read and understand.


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