Gardening Plants That Survive On Their Own The Homestead Survival

These Gardening Plants That Survive On Their Own with or without your help generally. It is nice to know if you have a hectic busy schedule that you can still maintain landscaping. Yes, it may have a wild free to it but beautiful in a low maintenance manner.
Gardening Plants That Survive On Their Own   The Homestead Survival

A gardener’s success comes from patience, time, and experience. The longer they work their craft, the better the plants are. New gardeners don’t need to jump into the more difficult cultivations and can stick to plants that are easy to work with. There are plenty of plants that are guaranteed to grow with minimal effort. Here’s a rundown of a few of them to grow.

Coral bells need little maintenance and grow colorfully in reds, greens, yellows, oranges, and purples. The plant features small spikes when they blossom in June and last into the fall and winter. Spotted laurel is an easy evergreen shrub that is perfect as a basic plant and a hedge. Their foliage is a spotted green and gold and grows so slow, that it doesn’t need to be cut as much. Marigold is a very popular plant because it tolerates most soil conditions and reseeds itself. Rosemary stays green in many conditions with its natural smell that comes about in the spring.

Grown over rocks, creeping phlox comes in a layer of beautiful blooms in spring and in colors, namely white, pastels, and candy stripes. The Autumn Joy is another easy making flower that handles droughts thanks to its shoots buried deep into the soil and allows burgundy flowers to come in the late summer and autumn. Gold Thread Cypress is another popular installment because of the lack of upkeep needed, handles heat well, and provides beautiful gold foliage. These are just some of the best plants to have that you don’t need to tend to too much.

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