Garden BedsGardening Tomato Planter From Old Socks

Gardening Tomato Planter From Old Socks

This simple gardening tomato planter from old socks is frugality at it’s best.

Gardening Tomato Planter From Old Socks

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There have been a couple of TV commercials talking about the new method of growing tomato using the upside down tomato planter. We are sure you may have thought about ways to get one for yourself or make one. After all, it is a less expensive way to go. So rather than buying already processed tomatoes in the store for $15 to $20 why not allow yourself the privilege enjoying the fun that comes with making your own tomatoes for much less amount of money.

Even though this method has been commercialized recently, growing the tomato plants upside down isn’t a new trend. A lot of people have been growing tomato plants in hanging baskets or in liters of gallon buckets for years.

So if you want to get started and you are thinking of how to get that extra bucket or hanging the basket, worry less, because you can get started with just about anything.

For example; an Empty 2 or 4-liter bottle or an eye bolt with washer, contact paper, duct tape, or spray paint, drill or hot nail and you are good. So if you ever wanted to try or start growing plants upside down, follow these directions below, and you can have your tomato farm for less.

Click here to read about how to make a simple gardening tomato planter from old socks:


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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