GardeningGardening Without Soil Hydroponics Food Growing

Gardening Without Soil Hydroponics Food Growing

Gardening Without Soil Hydroponics Food Growing is using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent.

Gardening Without Soil Hydroponics Food Growing - Gardening - Homesteading

Terrestrial plants (normally grown in soil) may be grown with only their roots exposed to the mineral solution, or the roots may be supported by an inert medium, such as perlite or gravel. Gardening with soil is just one option, another is you can grow plants using tubing, hoses, and water. It is really almost that simple. Hydroponics is a new way of gardening.

You will always want your system at a slight angle for drainage. Many people use plants bought from the store and just rinse off the dirt very lightly with a hose before putting the plant into their hydroponic system.

Now you will need to have a way to control how nutrients are distributed to your plants. This will be called your manifold joy and sight box with a carbon filter. This will be key to have if you plan on having a hydroponic system. A sight box will have a false floor with holes to keep the carbon filter away from the outlet. The outlet, in this case, is just more hoses, however.

You should buy carbon filter through a reliable source and buy in bulk and cut to size. It is important that this is changed every other day so that no junk gets backed up in your system and so the plants are able to get the nutrients they need.

You will also need a pump and a water cleaning system at the other end of your hydroponic system. You can have a big tub for your hole. This is where water will be stored and recycled into the clean water after it is filtered. Water is continuously moving throughout the day and night to keep the plants happy. It is constantly being cleaned and reused. Water should never have to be added because it is just recycled through the process of filters.

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