Raising LivestockGet Answers to Horse Issues

Get Answers to Horse Issues

This is a nice site that has a question and answer section where folks have asked hundreds of questions and gotten answers about their horse. There are questions on behavior, health and sickness issues, food, pen size and just about any other question you can think of. If you have a horse or horses and are looking for answers, or thinking about getting your first horse you may find answers to some of the questions you may have.

Get Answers to Horse Issues

The article is from Lemen and there is another section that was kind of neat. At the top of the page you will see links to other areas of the site and if you click on the one named Weather Lore you will find some old saying that may help you to determine the coming weather, as he says the cowboys didn’t have the Weather Chanel so they were more tuned in to the signs around them for their weather forecast. There are many of these old saying which I found kind of neat like this one. “”When the rooster goes crowing to bed, he will rise with a watery head.”
As the sky darkens from an approaching storm front, chickens and other birds begin to hunker down… roosting, as if for the night. A rooster will crow as an alert message to the rest of the flock — to awaken in the morning, or to head for shelter when danger approaches. The calls of many birds, including crows and geese, have been known to be more frequent with falling pressure.”
All in all this is a nice place to get answers to horse related questions and enjoy the sayings that helped folks plan for the weather before we had weathermen.

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Paige Raymond
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