GardeningGet Early Start on Garden Tomato Plants

Get Early Start on Garden Tomato Plants

How to get early start on ripe garden tomato plants will help guarantee fresh delicious tomatoes ripe on the vine before your neighbors.

Get Early Start on tomato Plants

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To guarantee ripe red tomatoes, you should start with your own seeds at least 10 weeks early by placing them into a big container that does not require for the transplanting in three weeks. These seeds that are planted in your house or greenhouse should be watered with warm water as tomatoes love the warmth.

In the weeks that follow, the tomato plants should be given some time outside during a warm day with little to no wind. Weather must be watched like a hawk as weather changes can affect your tomato plants particularly in extremely cold weather.

Before planting your plant, add some compost at the bottom of the hole and make sure that the plant is covered almost to the brink which will allow for the roots to grow out faster. Make sure the plant is warm because tomatoes love the warmth. After the plant is planted and cozy a drip system must be set to water the plant and they must also be caged. The cage is there to allow the plant to be able to grow properly, remembering to contain your plant every night underneath a sleeping bag to keep them safe from the cold. The tomato plant must be continuously watered from the root to support the successful growth.

If you keep to all the instructions of growing a healthy tomato plant, your plants should be able to grow in a safe and loving environment and most importantly a warm environment.

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