Get Organic Food Free 3 Ways


If you like to eat organic but don’t like the process and don’t have the time to grow your own, this will help. Learn how to get organic food  for free in this article.

The House and Homestead will tell you how you can trade, forage and or gleam to get lots of free organic foods. When gleaning always make sure to get permission from the owners first. Then if you make jam, jelly, applesauce or can some of the produce, go back and give them a jar or two. That way the will be very willing to let you glean again next year.

If you are planning to make applesauce or to make canned fruits, jellies, jams,juices. Don’t leave the fallen fruit or the fruit that may not look the prettiest, while it may not keep long as fresh it is perfect for canning. You will be pealing and cutting up anyway so you can just discard any bad parts while you are at it.

I know my kids offered to rake up all the apples from two tress in my neighbors yard a couple of years. They brought all of the apples they raked up home and we made quarts and quarts of both apple cider and applesauce. For free, just a couple hours of our time.