ChickensGet Rid of Chicken Coop Pesky Flies

Get Rid of Chicken Coop Pesky Flies

How to Get Rid of Chicken Coop Pesky Flies is tackled in this informative article that will make your whole chicken flock sing your praise. This article was designed to introduce the reader to some suggestions on all-natural ways to eliminate flies from your chicken coup.

Get Rid of Chicken Coop Pesky Flies

An egg producing Poultry flock is a big part of both homesteading and farming operations and keeping them happy is paramount. However, this can be made very difficult when you are dealing with pest insects, such as flies. Flies can be extremely harmful to the well being of chickens and end up costing you extra money.

1. Fly Predators – tiny non stinging wasps

2. Diatomaceous Earth (Click here to Buy) 

3. Hang Water Bags

4. Essential Oil Sprays – (Click here to read) 

5. Keep Chicken Coop Clean

6. Fly Traps & Fly Strips (Click here to Buy) 

7. Plant herbs like mint and marigold flowers calendula on the outside of your chicken coop run to help repellant flies.

8. Remove stangant pools of warm water that flies that breeds flies

9. Install rotating fans in chicken coop to keep air flowing to break of flies abality to fly.

10. Vanilla Scented Air Fresher hung in chicken coop has been a very publicly shared tip by many homesteaders who swear by it.

11. Remove wet warm hay floor bedding … flies love the scent.

* * *Benefits of reading the Raising Chickens: How to rid your chicken coop of annoying pesky flies

* Discover a really easy way to get rid of pesky flies that tend to gather in your chicken coup

* The articles talks at length about one of most annoying of all insects that bother your chickens in their coup

* The articles offers several very beneficial methods for ridding the coup of the flies all-naturally and it also includes ways to prevent them in the future

* The articles also includes several full-color pictures that help to provide the reader with a good visual reference for the article

The article was written as a way for the author to share their knowledge and experiences with dealing with pesky flies around the homestead or farm livestock. While chickens to eat bugs, flies are usually part of their diet and they are more of a stressor on them. This is generally not a good thing for any type of livestock and should be avoided at all cost.

All of the information that is in the article is presented in a way that makes it really easy to read and understand.

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Melissa Francis
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