Natural RemediesGet Rid of Ear Congestion aka Clogged Ears

Get Rid of Ear Congestion aka Clogged Ears

How to get rid of ear congestion aka clogged ears can be generally referred to as a blockage in the ear canal. Usually, it occurs without the presence of an ear pain, while creating some degree of muffled hearing as well as a vague feeling of ear pressure.

Get Rid of Ear Congestion aka Clogged Ears

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This condition which is a frequently encountered problem often prevents sounds from being heard clearly and causes crackling noises and muffled sounds inside the ear. Without proper a solution, clogged ears can drive you nuts especially if you experience it regularly.

There are several reasons why the ears can get clogged or blocked. They include

– Altitudinal changes

– Accumulation of water in the ear

– Sinus-related problems

– Allergies

– Blocked nose as a result of cold

– Excessive earwax build-up

– Infection leading to Eustachian tube dysfunction

If you want to learn how to unclog ears, read and follow the home remedies explained here. Some of these effective home remedies include

– Nasal decongestant

– Salt water gargle

– Hot compress

– Glycerin

– Steam inhalation

– Apple cider vinegar and alcohol

– Garlic oil

– Tea tree oil

– Olive oil

– Hydrogen peroxide

With these efficient home remedies for ear congestion, you can effectively achieve long lasting relief from the condition.

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