Pest ControlGet Rid Of Mice With Peppermint Altoids

Get Rid Of Mice With Peppermint Altoids

How to Get Rid Of Mice With Peppermint Altoids breathmints is a frugal, simple option to repell the little rodents from entering your home.

Get Rid Of Mice With Peppermint Altoids

We all know what we need to do at the first sign of a mouse in your house – and that is get rid of it. People have been trying to figure out ways for getting rid of these pests for thousands of years.

Nothing had been very successful until the invention of the mousetrap in 1897. We are all familiar with the wooden flatbed, spring-loaded trap, however, but some people just don’t want to go that route. This is a more humane method of repelling the mouse. Those traps were invented to kill and this method focuses on driving them from your home of their own accord.

The best method for getting rid of mice is to not allow them access to your house in the first instance. However, the cunning little mouse can fit in and through the tiniest of cracks and crevices. One way to make sure they stay away from your home is to place crush Altoid peppermints around your house. Mice hate peppermint and will avoid it at all cost.

Materials and tools needed:

Peppermint Altoids


Water Bottle


All you need to do is crush the peppermints until it’s powdered and scatter the power around, or mix the powered mints with water and place the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray in kitchen cabinets, under the sink and around doorways.

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