Get Rid Of Mold And Mildew Without Chemicals

If you are like me and are very allergic to mold and mildew you will be glad to have this recipe. In the winter when the house stays closed up tight I have a lot of problems with my allergies from mildew and mold. I use tea tree oil to kill any I find but I think our drain pipes have it in them from dirty dish water and bath water and even the sink just from using it. They stay wet and damp all the time and all the dirt and bacteria goes down them so I am sure there is probably mildew growing in there. Using this spray might just help that. It will get rid of any that may be in areas you can reach easily but then when you rinse it down the drain it will hopefully kill it in there as well. Either way it is chemical free which makes it worth using anyway. Less chemicals into the drains means less that might end up in our water supply. Rooted Blessings shares this mold and mildew spray recipe.


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