Getting Started Prepping – My Spouse has Doubts! Ways To Bring Them Around



My husband was actively prepping for 2 years before I jumped on the bandwagon and got involved.

As my husband shared current world events, natural disasters, cases of our friends losing their jobs unexpectedly & the consequences that rippled through their lives – it finally became very real for me.

I decided that as I learned, I would share my experiences and the information I found with other people.  The funniest thing happen …. my readers became my teachers in a lot of ways. It is like we are on this journey of learning together.  Thank you so much for the company, laughs and encouragement.

But without my husband’s love & feelings of responsibility towards protecting his family this blog never would have been created.

On a side note: Our marriage has become a stronger more interactive bond since we started prepping together. I honestly think he feels more appreciated and loved for his efforts.


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