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Going on a Hunting Trip? Pack These Essential Items

Going on a hunting trip, especially in a new location, can be cause for anxiety for some hunters. Learn what essential items can make your trip safer.

It is not uncommon for you to get anxious right before a hunting trip, especially if it is on new ground. You must have the proper survival gear with you on your hunting trip, regardless of whether you are an amateur hunter or an experienced one. 

You need to have the proper hunting items with you on the trip to make it successful, or you run the risk of getting frustrated by not getting the expected results. 

Items like getting the best 22-250 scope for your rifle make the difference when you go hunting. You need to have a proper plan laid out so that all required items are gathered before the trip. So read on to find out our picks of top essential items required for a successful hunting trip. 

A Fire Starter

While you are on a hunting trip, you must be able to light a fire for many of the essential activities such as fighting the cold, preparing a meal, and keeping dangerous predators away. Hence, you must carry a fire starter with you to be able to start a fire whenever it is required in the wilderness. 

Just having a firestarter isn’t enough; you need to know how to use it. Having just one type of fire starter is not necessarily a good idea as it might fail you. So I have more than one option. Also, remember to store the firestarter equipment in a dry place.


A survival knife has proven to be a very useful tool on a hunting trip as it is used to sharpen sticks, for general protection, and for cutting ropes, among other things. To carry out precise cutting in the wilderness, you will need to invest in a good-quality knife. 

You should get a sharp enough knife to cut through objects that cause resistance in your way, as well as skin the prey. Hunting can be made much easier when you have a knife that is sharp enough to pierce through tissue. So don’t compromise when it comes to getting a solid survival knife before setting out on the trip.

A First-aid Kit

Hunting trips can take unprecedented turns so you must have a well-stocked first-aid kit with you on the trip. The hunting ground can have many unpleasant surprises and occurrences that might get out of control, like accidentally cutting yourself while pursuing prey. 

If you have a first-aid kit handy, you can address the bleeding instantly before seeking medical help. You should also have basic painkillers and antibiotics for instances when you might fall sick.

Proper Clothes

Hunting conditions can take an unpredictable turn at any moment, so you need to be prepared for the worst when you are packing clothes for the trip. The weather may seem hot or cold, but you need to be prepared for just about any situation so that your clothes work in your favor. This way, even if the weather shifts suddenly, you will be prepared for it. 

The nights can get colder, and a normal fire might not suffice in keeping you warm, so you should pack adequate warm clothes. You would be better off packing clothes made from synthetic or wool, instead of cotton as cotton takes longer to dry due to absorbing moisture, creating an extra weight to your body.

A Map and a Compass

People now rely on GPS for navigation, but it is an electronic device, after all, and it may fail. So for that reason, it always pays off to have a local map to boost your accuracy. An old-fashioned map won’t fail to direct you toward where you need to go as long as your map reading skills are good. 

A topographical map would be a good thing to include as being able to compare the two maps will be great in getting rid of any confusion and navigating easily. You will, however, need to learn beforehand how to use a compass and read a map, in case you didn’t already know. Being skilled in using a compass will make your hunting experience a lot simpler.

A Flashlight

The wilderness gets pitch dark after nightfall. You will need additional light to navigate when it gets dark or if you need to pass through dark tunnels. Having a flashlight is an excellent accessory to have on your hunting trip. Flashlights that are made for hunting are really lightweight, making them convenient to pack and carry.

Life Straw

Getting access to clean water is never a guarantee while you are in the wilderness. You need to have access to drinkable water as humans cannot survive more than 72 hours without it. It isn’t always possible to carry the amount of water that is required with you and whatever amount you can carry may not be sufficient. 

So you should carry a filter so you can filter the water from any source and drink it without harming your health.

A Whistle

If you are faced with an emergency on your hunting trip, a whistle is a crucial accessory. You can easily alert people of your location by blowing the whistle if you are lost. The shrill noise of the whistle can also avert some dangerous prey and save you from a potentially dangerous situation. 

Carry plastic whistles instead of the metal ones as they don’t rust and are lighter, making them easier to pack and carry.


You need to pack the right and relevant survival items to make sure that your hunting trip is successful and safe. Knowing the fishing methods that can help you during any survival situation is always a plus on such trips. 

Take time to prepare the items carefully and only set out for the wilderness when you are outfitted for your hunting trip in the wilderness.

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