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Granny Pods For The Backyard Might Replace Nursing Homes

Granny pods for the backyard might replace nursing homes.The Med Cottage was invented by the Reverend Ken Dupin and are perfect for seniors that might other wise end up in a nursing home.

Granny Pods For The Backyard Might Replace Nursing Homes

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The are delivered and set up right in the back yard and then connect directly to the existing home for plumbing and electrical needs. They have a lot of safety features like cameras at floor level so you can look at the cottage floor and make sure the senior hasn’t fallen. The floors are padded to provide less stress on joints and to prevent serious injury in case of a fall. The bathroom has safety rail and are handicap accessable. If anything goes wrong the high tech system will alert relatives.

Although I am not sure about every where in Virginia a patient  needs to get an approval to install a med cottage and although the pod is supposed to be removed when not in use any longer it seems that so far there is no way to enforce it so when it is no longer in use you could still let someone stay there. They come in a couple of sizes and the smallest is 288 square feet and costs around 40 thousand and while this seem high, usually when a senior is headed to a nursing home their existing home is being sold.

So the money to buy the Med cottage could come from that sale while allowing them to have some personal space and still be part of the family and not spend their remaining time in a nursing home.


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Paige Raymond
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