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Granny Squares Colorful Curtains Crochet Free Pattern Project

This Granny Squares Colorful Curtains Crochet Free Pattern Project is a great way to create a window covering that creates uplifting home decor.

Granny Squares Colorful Curtains Crochet Free Pattern Project - The Homestead Survival - Window Curtains Crafts

If you want a fancy squares curtain on your window and want it handmade, here are some tips for you. You will need a sewing needle, scissors, yarn, and a crochet hook.

You can make any size of granny square depending on your preference.

Simply make 3 triple crochets and the corner loop, Make a chain, insert the hoop in the loop of the first granny, pull the chain through and make a single crochet on the first chain. Make a 3 triple crochet on the very last loop.

Once you are done with the inner part of the granny curtain, you can start doing the loops that will serve as curtain rods. This can be done by doing a double crochet stitch. Skip one stitch. Make sure to do a double crochet stitch on each loop. You can do as many crochet stitches to go around the curtain rods whichever you prefer.

Granny Square curtains are made up of yellow yarns on the inner part, an outer red yarn for design and crocheted edges. You can attach pendants if you like into the granny patterns. You can add as many chains as you like.

This can sound complicated but you if you know how to do some hook work on the yarn, you will get used to it. There is a lot of tutorial on the internet on how to do these patterns. Some step-by-step loops can guide you on making the best granny curtains are available once you know the basics.

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