RecipesGrapefruit Breakfast with Wacky Sweet Twist

Grapefruit Breakfast with Wacky Sweet Twist

Enjoy this grapefruit breakfast with wacky sweet twist shared how to release the fruit’s natural tart yet sweet sugars just by the way it is cooked. One of the most popular fruits for breakfast isn’t bananas anymore….it is Grapefruit! Ok, maybe for us older folk, lol.

In fact, many have come to delight in the tartness of the grapefruit as a nutritional item upon the breakfast table. The citrus is great for our health as the vitamin C nourishes us and cleanses our systems. While many of us will just cut the fruit in half and dabble on some topping or other to sweeten the tart flavor, others may just eat it plain. Though, have you ever considered placing the grapefruit in the broiler to cook for a few minutes with some brown sugar? If not, then it’s definitely something you should try at least once in your life.
Grapefruit Breakfast with a Wacky Sweet Twist

The steps below are so easy to follow and you only need two ingredients for this recipe: the grapefruit and some type of sugar or honey as a topping. You’ll love the way the sweetness of the sugar blends well with the tartness of this fruit as you place the halves in the broiler and allow them to broil for roughly 5 minutes.

You want the sugar to caramelize the top and the edges to turn brownish. Once you’ve finished the prepping and broiling, you’ll find your mouth watering to try this delectable new breakfast item. Who knows you may be making them every day for a while as you relish the taste of the sugared grapefruit as the flavors blend in perfect harmony.

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