RecipesGreat List Of Fermented Foods To Add To Your Diet

Great List Of Fermented Foods To Add To Your Diet

Seems like everywhere you turn you hear about how we need fermented foods for our gut health. Fermented foods are a living food full of probiotics that really help our gut and from there our immune system.  I have even seen probiotics sold in little capsules. Here is a great list of fermented food recipes from a round-up by Savory Lotus that will provide you with 85 different recipes.

Great List Of Fermented Foods To Add To Your Diet

There are recipes for drinks, veggies, dairy, non dairy, krauts, condiments and more. So with this large list of foods you can start adding fermented foods to your diet with some of these delicious and easy recipes. Why but probiotics in little pills when you can get them from wholesome fermented foods that you make right in your own kitchen. I can’t wait to try the fermented blackberry soda.

For folks that harvest nettle there is a recipe for fermenting your nettle harvest too. So many recipes everyone will be sure to find some recipes that will work for them and become favorites. The really cool thing about fermenting foods is that it isn’t hard and all you really need is what ever you will be fermenting and some salt. The salt kills off any bad bacteria while allowing the probiotics to grow and multiply.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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