Great List Of Where You Can Get Military Discounts


      Here is a nice list of places that offer discounts to any one that is serving in our military. This is a great round- up that includes Retail, Restaurants, Services and Travel and some of them apply to the families as well. Gift Card Granny shares this list and says ” As our way of thanking those who serve, we’ve compiled a detailed list of ways to save for veterans, all active branches and, in some instance, the families who stand behind them.”

       When I saw this I had to say what a wonderful thing and share it for the same reason. While the locations are all over the country and some may not apply where you are, you may find some that you didn’t know about. If you know of some in your area share them in the comments on the Facebook page so the service members in your area will know about them.

      If we get a lot of feed back on this I will post your comment locations for military discounts on this page to add to the ones in the article. I think if we all add what we know it could end up being a truly awesome military discount resource for our service members.


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