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Greenhouse Hydroponics Growing Root Crops In Plug Trays With The Ebb And Flood Method

        Using the ebb and flow method of hydroponics in the greenhouse this shows how root crops can be grown in plug trays. In this hydroponic growing method plants are not grown in soil and derive no nutrients from the growing medium that is used. Instead the medium only serves to help anchor the roots of the plant and the trays are all set on gravel or sand.

Then below the table set up there is a tank that holds a solution of water with the nutrients in it. There is a pump that pumps the solution onto the bed where the plug trays sit for a set time, like 5 to 15 minutes then the pump stops and the solution ebbs away and down into the holding tank. I love the idea of growing root crops with out digging and being able to grow them year round in a climate controlled greenhouse.

       The only thing that I can see wrong with this is I would think the crops would delete the solution of certain nutrients faster that others and it seems like it would be hard to maintain the proper balance. I have not worked with hydroponics so I am not sure how you would be sure unless the crops started showing signs of a lack of certain vitamins or minerals. It is a neat idea though and I love the look of the trays of veggies all nice and neat and clean.  If this is something that interests you then you might like to check out Backyard Ebb and Flow Hydroponics Project.

Click here>>>>        Greenhouse Hydroponics: Growing Root Crops In Plug Trays With The Ebb And Flood Method

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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