BeveragesGrow A Ginger Beer Plant And Make Some Ginger Beer

Grow A Ginger Beer Plant And Make Some Ginger Beer

Grow A Ginger Beer Plant And Make Some Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is a made from grated ginger and sugars along with lemon and filter water. This is fermented to make it carbonated. You end up with a homemade ginger beer similar to store bought ginger ale but with much more flavor and it contains probiotics which are good for us. To make ginger beer you must first make a ginger bug which is very similar to a starter for sourdough bread. To make the ginger bug or ginger beer plant you grate ginger add it to water and feed it sugar. You continue to add more ginger and sugar every day untill you see bubbles forming. The bubbles let you know that your bug has fermented.

Grow A Ginger Beer Plant And Make Some Ginger Beer

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You then use your bug to make your ginger beer. You can save some of the bug to begin your next batch of ginger bug so that you can keep making ginger beer. Once you have your bug you will boil water, ginger and rapadura. Once you have boiled it for 15 minutes you need to let it cool before adding your ginger bug to it. This inoculates the liquid and begins the process of making the ginger beer. When you bottle the ginger beer to allow it to carbonate you can use glass or plastic bottles. If you use glass leave at least a half-inch of head space because if too much carbonation happens the glass can explode. It is also a good idea to put your glass jars in a cardboard carton untill you are ready to put them in the fridge for the same reason. If they explode the glass will be contained in the box. You can use plastic juice or soda bottles instead of glass if you would rather. This recipe is from Thought For Real Food who tells us that if left long enough this will turn into an alcoholic drink, so you may wish to try that as well.

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