GardeningGrow a Mushroom Log as a Food Source

Grow a Mushroom Log as a Food Source

This step by step tutorial of the process of how to grow a Mushroom Log as an ongoing food source is another step towards self sufficiency on the homestead.

This guide was written for those who want to grow their own mushrooms. It sounds complicated, but this step by step tutorial makes it very easy to understand. Plus, most of the materials needed for this project are extremely easy to find and you might have most of them in your home already.

For this project, you’ll need the following materials:

– Oyster Mushrooms
– Cardboard Box
– Branch or Log
– Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
– Measuring Cup
– Water
– Knife
– Cutting Board
– Ziplock Bag
– Hand or Chain Saw

It should be noted that the first few steps of this guide require at least a two week wait period afterwards. Between the second step and when your mushrooms will be ready to eat, there’s also a wait of several weeks to a couple months. However, once you have a good start, you could harvest mushrooms from the log for several years. The tutorial will explain everything in detail.

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Grow a Mushroom Log as a Food Source

Mushrooms are a food item that can be included in almost any type of dish. They work in almost every ethnic food, plus they make good garnishes for even the most simple dishes. If you’re a fan of mushrooms, you’ve probably noticed how expensive it can be to purchase them by the carton at the grocery store. You want them, they taste delicious, but you also want to save money. If this sounds like you, you’ll love this tutorial.

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Melissa Francis
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