GardeningHow to Grow Flowering Pink Jasmine Vine in Garden

How to Grow Flowering Pink Jasmine Vine in Garden

These tips of how to grow flowering pink jasmine vine in garden will help you care for this spectacular display of intensely fragrant pinkish-white flowers.

How to Grow Flowering Pink Jasmine Vine in Garden

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Pink Jasmine, aka Jasminum polyanthum, has a strong and sweet smell and can grow in plenty. The aroma is attractive and it’s a plant that is adorable so much that, if people can’t get the plant, they get an air freshener with the same scent.

Its vine is covered in blooms to the point where the shrubbery is unseen. It’s popular for landscaping, grows fast, easy to care for.

It can grow on trellis, walls, fences, and trees up to a height of 25 feet. It can easily attach to these things, which is why it is recommended to plant them a few feet apart so it doesn’t start swamping its surroundings, even from a pot.

Pink Jasmine needs a minimum of 4-5 hours of sun daily; some shade is okay. It’s good if it’s along the coast, but inland, it can burn up, so protect it to restrain some of the heavy light from getting on it. It has to be watered regularly, especially in the summer, and less in the winter, but be aware of possible root rot.

How to Grow Flowering Pink Jasmine Vine in Garden
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In fertilizing, it doesn’t need too much of it, as only a small layer in the spring will do. Also, look at the soil to keep it loose and well drained.

Pink Jasmine blooms once a year in late winter and early spring, so give it some sunshine (but not too much) for the much abundance of blooms. Trim it regularly to prevent the overflow, as well as to get rid of dying flowers.

Pink Jasmine can also grow in a container, but have it in a big pot to give the roots space to grow, as well as a good dose of water and sun. If grown accordingly, Pink Jasmine will fill the garden with a beautiful scent and look.

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