How To Grow Grapes

How To Grow Grapes

Have you ever wanted to know how to grow grapes so that you could make your own grape jams and jellies or juice?  If you have noticed grapes in the store don’t seem to have much flavor any more. The reason is that the grapes have been  bred to be seedless. Unfortunately when you breed out the seeds much of the flavor is lost as well.

Growing your own grapes will allow you to grow heirloom grapes that still have seeds and are loaded with delicious grape flavor. My all time favorite grapes are the Concord. The ones that make the most flavorful juice and jellies. Growing your own will let you have these in your house year after year. You can find Concord grape plants HERE and it is just about time to put them in the ground.

How To Grow Grapes

USA Gardener has loads of information on how to grow them  from picking you planting site to preparing the soil and then they tell you how to prune them in the first year and how and when after that.

How To Grow Grapes

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Concord Seedless Blue Grape Vine Plant – Jams & Jellies – 2 Year/Potted

Mars Seedless Grape Plant – Great Eaten Fresh – 2 Year Plant/Potted

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