How to Grow Green Onions Indefinitely


I have seen a lot of articles that tell how you can regrow veggies from the ones you buy at the store. I even tried to regrow celery once, while it grew lots of leaves it never really made a stalk, I think it was too much shade. almost every one I have seen you take the root of the veggie and plant it and it grows but this one is a little different. 17apart shares that you can put your scallion roots in a glass of water and  just keep cutting when you need some. The scallions regrow, how cool is that? So if you want a little in your egg just go to the window and trim what you need and a week or so later the part you trimmed will have grown back. No soil, no planting just water in a glass in a window. I have them planted in a cinder block turned on its side and can usually go out and cut some pretty often and they come back but this would be nice because its right in the kitchen. Nice thrifty homesteading tip.

scallions regrowing