GardeningGrow Your Own Herb Garden

Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Grow Your Own Herb Garden by Rachel Ballard

Grow your own herb garden as an exciting way to spice up (pun intended) your garden or even a kitchen window sill. The aromatic little plants require very little space and are pretty effortless to grow. Although, there are some plants that are less work and harder to kill than others. In fact, often times, herb gardens end up being so abundant, gardeners are left with a plethora of herbs. Basically, if you can provide water and sunlight, the plants will do the rest. Easy enough, right?

Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Herb Growing Basics

I will be honest. Starting an abundant herb from seed is a little tough. However, that shouldn’t stop you from trying it on your own. You never know, some people are gifted with a green thumb. Don’t give up after one attempt. Try, try again until you succeed. If all else fails, you can buy plant starts at pretty much any grocery or hardware store or even a nursery. It isn’t a terrible thing to buy starts and is really not all that expensive.

In fact, even if you buy plants, you are still saving money. If you are a fresh herb lover, you are probably familiar with the outrageous prices for a wee little bit in the grocery store. Imagine growing your own, which is on hand whenever you want it, for a fraction of the cost.

Tips to Growing Fresh Herbs

  • If you are buying herb starts, remove that biodegradable material around the top edge of the root. The material tends to pull the water down into your container, which is not ideal.

 Tear off the bottom half of the biodegradable pot as well. You want all those little roots free to spread out and take off.

  • You can plant herbs directly into your garden or grow them in containers. Pots need plenty of drainage. A little hole in the bottom may not be adequate and can easily be jammed up with soil. Placing a rock over the hole ensures there is plenty of drainage and will help your plant thrive.

There are a couple herbs you may actually want to keep contained in a pot. Things like oregano and mint can spread like a pesky weed. They are brutal plants. You can only use so much of the fragrant herbs. Containment is best, unless you like fields of mint.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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