GardeningHow To Grow Lemon Seeds

How To Grow Lemon Seeds

Nice project on how to grow lemon seeds.  Please use organic lemon seeds since some non-organic lemon seeds may be incapable of germinating.

How To Grow Lemon Seeds


Soak the lemon seeds for 24 hours.

Gently pat dry.

Carefully peel the outer shell – do not damage the inner seed.

Plant the seeds approximately one-half inch deep in the potting soil, moisten the soil slightly.

Add just enough small pebbles to cover soil.

Cover the top of the pot in which you planted it with plastic wrap to reduce evaporation so that the seed soil will not rapidly dry out.

Place on top of your refrigerator, the heat will help it grow.

When you see the lemon seeds sprouting remove plastic wrap. Be careful not to over water – soggy seeds will be a fungus.

Stylowi website shares a collection of images of how to grow a mini lemon tree perfect for a way to connect with nature in an office setting.

Your lemon tree will very likely produce tasty lemons in about 15 years but until then enjoy it’s beauty.

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