GardeningGrow Morel Mushrooms Using The Spore Mass Slurry Method

Grow Morel Mushrooms Using The Spore Mass Slurry Method

If you love morel mushrooms and would like to grow your own instead of having to go out and hunt them here is a method to try. It is call the spore mass slurry and this will allow you to take some morel spores and mix them with water and other things to create a liquid slurry that will be loaded with morel spore so you can just pour it onto the area or areas you want to try to grow the morels on.

Some use a sort of raised bed to grow them in and others will add them to the asparagus bed because the asparagus ferns provide the shade that morels need to grow. Others will make heaps of wood chips and throw the slurry on it so that the pile of wood chips is loaded with millions of spore and the morel likes to grow on wood. In the wild they are almost always found where an elm tree fell.

Grow Morel Mushrooms Using The Spore Mass Slurry Method

They are also found quite often where there has been a forest fire and that is why some folks add wood ash to the slurry. It needs to be wood ash that hasn’t been rained on so that the ash retains what the morels need. Others will make bio char by burning wood chips just enough to char them and this provides both the wood they like to grow on and the ash they like. In the video from The Urban Farming Guys, they threw slurry all around their property and you get to see where all the morels grew (they had morels all over the place).

To read more about making the slurry you can check out the article below from Mad Bioneer. If you could grow morels and dry them you could probably make a nice little income from your homestead with them.

For more about making the slurry click here>>>  Spore Mass Slurry

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