GardeningGrow Popcorn As A Homesteaders Cash Crop

Grow Popcorn As A Homesteaders Cash Crop

If your homestead has a little extra land and you would like to put it to work learn how to grow popcorn as a homesteaders  cash crop. In this article you will see what kinds of yield you could expect from 1 acre of land and what that yield may sell for. You will also see how to and when to pick and shell the corn for popcorn. Then you would need to set up a local selling point such as a farmer’s market stall or perhaps through a local store.

Grow Popcorn As A Homesteaders Cash Crop

Teach folks how to pop their corn on a stove top in a pan or a whirly pop stove top popper which is what I use. I can’t stand the taste of microwave popcorn or the stench that hangs around for hours after popping. I love the fresh popped corn from the stove it doesn’t taste or smell like chemicals the way micro pop corn does. I have also read a few times that ground popcorn makes the absolute best corn bread. Growing heirloom non gmo popcorn appeals to a lot of folks now days and could be a decent income for folks that have the space to grow it. Learn all about it from Off The Grid News.  Next time you are popping corn on the stove you might like to try making your own Kettle Corn, it is one of my favorites.

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