Raising LivestockGrow Sprouted Fodder for Homesteading Livestock Animals

Grow Sprouted Fodder for Homesteading Livestock Animals

Learning how to grow sprouted fodder for homesteading livestock animals is a great way to give them a treat as well as much needed protein. Chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, pigs, alpaca, horse and cows all would be eager to eat fodder.

Grow Sprouted Fodder for Homesteading Livestock Animals

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If you are new to fodder for your animals, then this article will give you a well-rounded introduction to the whole process, advantages and developing your own system to grown your own.

Fodder development and changing to your homegrown fodder will be a big plus on your farm. You will be able to begin the process of transition all of your livestock to sprouted fodder. A new feeding program is best to double check with your farm vet.

Grow Sprouted Fodder for Homesteading Livestock Animals

But in all seriousness, if you are new to sprouted fodder, what are the advantages versus using different kinds of feed? The seed in its state is basically just a carbohydrate and without sprouting, it will travel the animal providing very little protein. Your animals, no matter what species, need protein.

In the past, seeds were milled or flacked by steam to open slightly and some protein was passed. Digestibility is the number one consideration in your animals. Without that, your protein is trace amounts.

For example, barley fodder possesses in the high eighty percent of digestible protein. It travels to the animal’s muscle which helps bear good stock. And you want your animals to have the ingestion of organic grains. This also meets USDA standards for “grass fed beef”.

These offerings of knowledge below provides so much information that is clearly stated and also guide you to a sprouted fodder system that will meet your needs and save money. You can custom produce the fodder and add what your vet suggests for added nutrients. Enjoy!

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