GardeningGrowing Blackberries On A Trellis

Growing Blackberries On A Trellis

I love blackberries. I think they are much better tasting than raspberries. They used to grow wild in the area I lived in but they have all been done away with due to housing construction. I miss those berries a lot. I used to pick baskets of them every year and make freezer jam out of them. It was so wonderful to be able to pull a jar out of the freezer in the middle of winter and enjoy that ripe summery berry taste. I think what I like most about freezer jams is that the jam tastes like fresh fruit because it has never been cooked. Strawberry jam is really delicious when it is freezer jam too. I think I may plant some blackberry bushes so that I can make that jam again.


I have really been wanting some and it is really hard to find blackberries. Even in the store they come in tiny little packages that wouldn’t make a whole jar of jam and they cost a small fortune. After reading this article from Southern Living, it seems that there are some varieties that you can grow on a trellis which would be really nice for small spaces. I think I will try growing some on trellises after reading the article. Then when I have the berries I will make my freezer jam and I would love to try this Blackberry Cider, it looks beautiful and sounds delicious.


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Melissa Francis
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