GardeningGrowing Gardening Secrets for Juicy Ripe Tomatoes

Growing Gardening Secrets for Juicy Ripe Tomatoes

These growing gardening secrets for juicy ripe tomatoes will help you harvest a huge crop. They are bright red, juicy, pleasing to the sight and very beneficial for health. Nothing’s better than the delicious taste of a juicy red, ripe tomato straight out of garden. Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) can be cultivated in any kind of weather and climate conditions, except extreme cold, and they don’t need much space to nurture.

Types of Tomatoes

Some of the most common types of tomatoes include:

Cherry: Easy to grow and ripe quite quickly; these small, bite-sized snacks can easily be grown in less space like inside containers. Children like it very much.
Main Crop: A popular variety in home gardens, these are usually harvested in mid season.

Roma: These are often named as Plum tomatoes. Small and elongated in shape, they are usually used for canning purposes.

Beefsteak: Due to its big size, this type of tomatoes is famous known as “Big Daddy” of tomato family. It is a favorite choice for filling sandwiches, but it does not mature well into the growing season.

Long Keepers: Long keepers are best to store for long periods of time, provided that the area is cool and dark. Mostly they are yellow and orange in color.

Growing-Gardening-Secrets for Juicy Ripe Tomatoes homestead survival
Growing-Gardening-Secrets for Juicy Ripe Tomatoes homestead survival

Here are some useful tips that can prove extremely fruitful for tomato growers:

1. Always give a shot to two or three varieties of tomatoes – some will thrive better in your area than others, certain will be fragile to the weather conditions. They might be vulnerable to diseases, and you may not like the taste of some varieties.

2. Good varieties are a must- if you are a beginner and not sure where to start from, go with Gardener’s Delight (a fabulous cherry tom), San Marzano (plum) and Costoluto Fiorentino (v large).

3. Tomatoes thrive better indoors rather than outdoors, like in a greenhouse or polytunnel, but still if you desire to experiment, then go for cherry tomatoes or Black Krim, both of which ripen more quickly outside than others.

4. Try to grow tomatoes at a place that receives lots of direct sunlight and protect them from strong winds.

5. Early in spring (or as late in winter as you dare), sow seeds into Jiffy 7s and put them on when the first true leaves develop, before planting them out when 20cm tall.

6. Fertilize the soil well by adding compost or well-rotten manure in which you have planted the tomatoes.

7. Plant some other plants as well with your tomatoes; it works wonders. Sow basil underneath as a sacrificial (white fly is drawn to it rather than your toms) or try garlic / nasturtiums to repel aphids.

8. Give your tomatoes proper support so they grow strong. Use canes for tall varieties and/or netting for bushes.

9. Tomato plants don’t like the water very much, so just watering the soil would be enough.

10. To encourage healthy and steady growth, water little and often. It will also help in avoiding split fruit.

11. To focus the plants energies, chop off the top of plants, especially those which are outdoor, when six trusses of fruits set.

12. If your tomatoes do not ripe quickly, bring them inside at the end of summer and place a banana with them. The ethylene given off by banana helps them to ripe quickly.
Hope these tips would help you in getting a great crop of tasty, juicy, ripe and red tomatoes. Have a nice day.

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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