Growing Mushrooms in a Vertical Corral Project


Adventures In Urban Homesteading shares their growing mushroom project from the beginning to the when it is well established. I have been intimidated by mushroom growing before but after reading this article I am actually inspired enough to add it to this year’s to do list. By making this a vertical project, it enables us homesteaders with limited land the opportunity to make it happen.

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When I decided to begin my journey of becoming self sufficient, I created a list of all the skills I wanted to learn. It is amazing how many skills I am learning (are you ever really done learning any skill ? ) and how my list is ever changing as I learn how to prioritize what keeps a  homestead running. Living the lifestyle can open your eyes very quickly, LOL.

Someone may ask ” Why not just go some mushrooms at the store” ?
The mushroom you grow yourself can rarely be found in a store…. they are often reserved for 5 star restaurants at high prices.