GardeningGrowing Peppers And Dealing With Pests That Attack Them

Growing Peppers And Dealing With Pests That Attack Them

          If you are growing peppers this year and would like to maximize your yield and prevent the various pests and diseases that can affect them this is a great article on growing peppers. You will learn how to prepare the soil and plant then go on to see that to reap the most peppers you need to pinch off the first flowers that appear so the plant will use all resources on plant and root development rather than trying to grow the fruit.

      One thing not mentioned in the article that I always do and it really helps the peppers is when the first buds appear, dissolve a quarter cup of Epsom salts in a gallon watering can and sprinkle over the plants until it is dripping well into the soil around the plant. A little while later when the first pepper has formed do it again. This provides magnesium and peppers need magnesium. I get more and bigger peppers when I do this than I ever did before I knew to do it. Rodale’s Organic Life shares the growing instructions and  also the article on the Most common pepper pests and diseases so you can reap the maximum production from you peppers whether they are bell peppers of any other kind.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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