Growing Strawberries


Growing strawberries is a way to ensure you will have fresh every year and so that you will have plenty for both fresh eating and for putting up. You can freeze them or can them as jams, syrups and pie filling. The best type to plant for putting up are the June bearing because as the name implies the berries come in June and there are lots of them.

Growing Strawberries

The everbearing strawberries bear fruit pretty much all season but not in excess. When you plant your strawberry crowns you want to make sure you only have the roots in the ground, so you soil should be right up even to where the plant turns into roots. If you get them too deep they will rot. Spring is the best time to plant so the plants have all the way till winter to develop a healthy root system. You should pluck all of the flowers the first year for the same reason. You can learn a lot more about growing strawberries from Old World Garden Farms. They also offer recipes for a strawberry salsa, strawberry jam and strawberry concentrate. You will probably have to cover your plants with netting when they are blooming to keep the birds out. Everyone loves those sweet juicy berries.

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