GardeningGrowing Yellow Pear Tomatoes Gardening Project - The Homestead Survival

Growing Yellow Pear Tomatoes Gardening Project – The Homestead Survival

This Growing Yellow Pear Tomatoes Gardening Project features the mini superstar in a group of indeterminate heirloom tomatoes. This vining plant produces a seemingly endless supply of mild flavored, pear-shaped tomatoes all summer. This is one of the prettiest tomatoes in the garden — it’s beautiful in salads as well.

Growing Yellow Pear Tomatoes Gardening Project - The Homestead Survival

The heirloom variety of tomatoes are the most unique of all of the different tomatoes that you can grow in your own garden. Many of the different variety of heirloom tomatoes are mostly named for the shape and color of the fruit that it bears. This is especially true when it comes to the yellow pear tomato plant.

This article was designed to introduce homesteading readers to this distinct variety of tomato called the Yellow Pear Tomato plant.

The Yellow Pear gets its name from its color and shape.

The yellow tomato cultivation begins with nutrient-rich, well-tilled and soft soil.

Yellow Pears tomato plants are not deep-rooted, so only 4-5 inches of depth is required to grow.

Soil should be acidic at 5.0 to 6.0 pH for best results.

The article was written and shared to help educate gardeners or would be gardeners who either never heard the name before or that have no idea about to different it can be to grow this type of heirloom tomato plant. While the planting and growth characteristics are similar, the biggest difference is that it is a hearty variety of tomato and therefore it can tolerate colder temperatures. So that means you can plant them longer and continue getting fruit much longer.

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