Garden BedsGuide to Building a Spiral Garden Project

Guide to Building a Spiral Garden Project

This guide to building a spiral garden is a step by step tutorial of creating a beautiful decorative yet functional vertical garden. The bricks, rock or stone building material warms and dehumidifies the soil.  A spiral garden maximizes the natural force of gravity, allowing water to drain freely and seep down through all layers – leaving a drier zone at the top  (perfect for hardy herbs) and a moist area at the bottom for water lovers as quoted in the article.

Guide to Building a Spiral Garden Project

Who doesn’t love herbs and spices for their everyday cooking and other needs around the home? No one. We all have our favorites. Because of this, wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where we can grow them and have them on hand at all times? The answer is yes.

The solution to this question is a simple one and one that will add beauty to your yard even as you build up your own stores of available herbs and spices for your home. To do this, you’ll want to make your own herb spiral where you can place the herbs you want for your needs and have a great focal point within your yard.

To make one of your very own, you will need to gather some materials from your local garden supply store. You may also find some of these materials in your own home, such as the cardboard you will want to lay as your foundation to keep away pesky weeds from robbing your herbs of needed nutrients and moisture.

With the cardboard, you will need a long stake, which will help in building up your spiral for your herb garden. Don’t forget your organic matter, compost, rock minerals, mulch, herb seedlings, and the edging materials you’ll need to build your spiral upward. The edging materials you use can be from a number of sources from bricks to large rocks. With your herb spiral, you decide how large you want and what you want to make the most appealing garden for your home and your needs.

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Melissa Francis
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