Essential OilsA Guide to Essential Oil Mixing

A Guide to Essential Oil Mixing

Essential Oils are used for a number of reasons by tens of thousands of people all over the world. These oils are thought to possess all kinds of wonderful powers of healing.

A Guide to Essential Oil Mixing

With that said, knowing how to prepare and use them properly can be a bit tricky. This article was designed to demystify the art of blending essential oils.

This article and all of its wonderful information was written, posted and shared for all to read at a website called Fresh Picked Beauty. With thousands of different essentials oils to choose from the author made blending lists by dividing the alphabet and doing the blends in groups of starting with letters, but you will find all of the lists or links to them on her page.

Benefits of reading and following A Guide to Essential Oil Mixing

Learn some very valuable information about small number of many thousands of essential oils.
It lists a number of essential oils and tells the reader which other oils that it mixes best with.
The article was designed to be educational and was not intended to be used as medical advice.
It also includes some safety tips that everyone who plans to use any essential oil should be concerned with.


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