A Guide to Hunting Wild Bee Hives

A Guide to Hunting Wild Bee Hives

Learn about bee lining and hunting wild bee hives the old fashioned way. Bees have used for their honey production and pollination prowess for centuries. Beekeepers create large colonies of hives in order to gather the honey and help the local farmers with their fruit plants and trees. This article was designed to introduce the reader to a method of finding sources of wild tree bee hives.

A Guide to Hunting Wild Bee Hives

This informative article was written by David G. Brown on Northern Woodlands so that the readers of the site can benefit from it. All of the information is presented in a way that makes it very easy for the reader to read and to understand. With all the issues with colonies of bees dying from the mysterious colony collapse, being able to track down wild bee hives would be a skill that can be beneficial to a farmer.

Benefits of reading and following Bee Lining: A Guide to Hunting Wild Bee Hives

Learn about an effective method for finding tree bee hives filled with wild bees.
The article includes a detailed list of necessary materials needed to get started.
It also included a detailed method of how to go about finding the tree hive .
The article includes several full color pictures and diagrams help to provide a good visual reference.

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