Raising LivestockA How To Guide to Slaughtering Rabbits

A How To Guide to Slaughtering Rabbits

This article contains graphic pictures, if seeing a rabbit killed and processed will bother you please do not go to the page. How to guide to slaughtering rabbits. Raising rabbits as livestock is quite a bit different than having bunnies as pets. While rabbits may seem like they would not make a good choice as livestock, they actually can be slaughtered to produce a decent amount of meat. The other part of the rabbit is it’s very valuable pelt that can be tanned and sold to bring in extra money into the household budget.

A How To Guide to Slaughtering Rabbits

This article is from Raising Rabbits and they came up with an extremely detailed guide that covers every aspect of slaughtering a rabbit. It covers how to easily completely remove the pelt without damaging it, cleaning out all of inedible contents and removing the meat and organs. It also includes a section on cleaning the carcass. By the time you get to the end you will know everything you will ever need to know about slaughtering a rabbit correctly.

Benefits of reading and following A How To Guide to Slaughtering Rabbits

  • The guide is divided up into 3 separate sections; Removing the pelt, clean the rabbit carcass and cutting up the carcass

  • Each of the sections features an easy to follow step by step instruction guide

  • The article include numerous full color pictures that serve as a visual representation


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